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The game might have periods of downtime the 25th & 26th as
a result of server maintenance and new hardware

I will do what i can to make sure the downtime will be as
short as possible but please be patient.

Best regards,

Posted by: Rolex
Posted: 24th Jan 2019 17:21:01


The bank log is now finished.

Posted by: Rolex
Posted: 16th Sep 2017 23:04:44



You can from now on only own 5 grid squares at once.
You now have the option to sell your old grids to buy new
higher level grids as the game grows with higher level
players. The main reason to this update is that it will be
possible for new players joining later to start out with
owning low level grids.

Posted by: Rolex
Posted: 15th Sep 2017 19:17:26


Now the Bank Interest feature is released. Interest rate for
Gold Account is 2% and Normal Account is set to 1%.

There will be added a log in the bank witch will how your
Bank Statement. It is almost finished.

Posted by: Rolex
Posted: 12th Sep 2017 06:00:06


At the moment i am re-designing a few places and features in
the game for example is Wepon & Armor Shop done and so are
the Forum.

Posted by: Rolex
Posted: 1st Sep 2017 22:28:15


Reward is now given when you vote for the game!
You get 10 stamina per vote, 60 stamina per day!
DonĀ“t forget to vote daily.

Best Regards,

Posted by: Rolex
Posted: 1st Sep 2017 16:03:58


A few bugs in Farmlands when trying to upgrade barn and buy
additional land have now been fixed.

Posted by: Rolex
Posted: 31st Aug 2017 13:06:23


Forum have been re-designed and some reported errors have
been sorted out.

Posted by: Rolex
Posted: 31st Aug 2017 13:00:59